Here in Phoenix there are a multitude of options when it comes to support local veterans this Veterans day! Check out the events below and have a safe and happy day celebrating our Veterans! 

Ways to support local veterans this Veterans Day: 

Virtual Parade Honoring America’s Veterans | Phoenix 


This year, thanks to COVID things have to change a bit! There’s no in person parade to celebrate Veterans Day 2020 but there’s still a way to celebrate, recognize, and support veterans and their service to our great country! 


This year there will be a live stream that will be available on Facebook and on YouTube! It will begin on November, 11, 2020 at 11 AM. The show will also be on television so you can learn more about that here. It’s a great way to celebrate even if it’s not with the usual Veterans Day parade! 


Check out the list of 2020 Honorees right here!


Volunteer Opportunities for Veterans in Phoenix


Here in Phoenix there are a lot of opportunities to celebrate Veterans Day through volunteer opportunities. There are many ways to volunteer in Phoenix that supports veterans! If you would like to volunteer with a group, your family, etc there are also volunteer opportunities that are great for kids. 


On the list there are also opportunities to suit everyone’s strong suit. Do you like to drive? There are volunteer opportunities for you to be a special event escort! Looking to make a personal connection? There are opportunities for you to connect one on one with veterans in Phoenix. Even if you have a busy schedule, there are ways to get involved! 


Check out the full list here to find out where you can volunteer to help support veterans! 


Battle for the Vets Fundraising Campaign


If you are looking for a way to support Veterans by raising funds, there’s a great and fun volunteer opportunity for you to check out! U.S. Vets is introducing a peer to peer fundraiser that has a great challenge…lip syncing! 


Thanks to COVID-19 the event needs to be virtual this year! In light of that anyone can participate across the country! You have to post a video of yourself lip syncing your favorite song and then challenge others to do the same! 


This link will help you set up your campaign and get started with the fundraising! 

Looking for apartments in Phoenix? 

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