Earth Day might feel like the most useless holiday – there are no gifts! What’s the point? But it’s actually one of the most important days with the most important gift. AKA, our planet Earth which we inhabit right now, for the time being.

The Earth is a unique diversity of life, landscapes, and ecosystems. Phoenix is especially special when it comes to Earth Day; there’s so many different environments. We’ve got the obvious desert environment, but there’s also the mountain ranges, the smattering of trees and the (man made) lakes.

The most popular environment would have to be all the different hiking trails that are around Phoenix. Going out on a hike is a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day; you’ll be able to bask in all the gifts the Earth has given you.

If you live at one of our Phoenix apartment communities, here are three different trails you can go to that are super close to home!

The Place at Loloma Vista:

Camelback Mountain:   

Camelback Mountain gets its name from the unique silhouette it casts on the Valley skyline. It is considered one of the nation’s top hiking destinations and attracts visitors from around the world.

But be careful! There are so pretty extreme hiking trails that can be dangerous if you’re not an experienced hiker!

The Place at El Prado

Daumler Park:

The perfect place to take the kids! There’s a nice walking trail right by the canal that’s perfect for a nice stroll. You don’t have to do a ton of hiking just to see all that Phoenix has to offer ~nature-wise~

The Place at Santana Village

Thunderbird Trail:

Here there’s about 15 miles of multi-use trails have been constructed, thanks to the efforts of many volunteer groups. Make sure you get out before the sun rises because it’s gonna get hotter as the day goes on!

So take your pick! Just make sure you take a moment to stop and enjoy the view and all that the Earth has given you on this Earth Day!