This Sunday is the Autumn Equinox, signaling the first day of Fall…for everywhere except for in Phoenix. Fall? Never heard of it. Second Summer? That sounds right. While the rest of the country enjoys the cool, crisp weather and all the tastes and smells of Fall – hello pumpkin spice? Our Septembers – and most of our Octobers, are filled with 100+ degree days and a breeze that leaves laugh at when it tries to blow them down.

While the weather might not like seem like it, it is still Fall, and you can still enjoy most of the things that make Fall many people’s favorite season. Yes, like pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks.

Head to a Pumpkin Patch

Probably the most quintessential fall activity is going to a pumpkin patch. Pick out your favorite pumpkin or the cutest one around to either carve, eat or display! Lucky for you, MacDonald’s Ranch in Scottsdale opens on September 29th for you to visit and buy your pumpkins!

Make Fall Themed Drinks

Instead of spending four dollars on Starbucks’ pumpkin spice lattes, make your own fall inspired drink! Try this Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate. Get your pumpkin fix and warm up a little (more than you already are) while you read a book or watch tv!

Go to the State Fair

What’s Fall without a State Fair really? The Arizona State Fair is back and better than ever! On October 5th, scream your head off or fill your stomach up and check out all that Arizona has to offer in talent, community and spirit!

Roadtrip Up North

Do you need to see the leaves change color? So do I. That’s the only way it feels like fall! (Unless you count all those license plates from different states trying to escape the cold) Take my advice and get out of Phoenix! Head up to Flagstaff and do the Snowbowl Drive!

How’s that for experiencing Fall while in Second Summer? Enjoy your Fall – don’t just sweat it out.

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